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Longest Earring: Jewelry designer Adrian Haiduc sets world record

 NADLAC, Romania -- Romanian jewelry designer and Arizona, US, resident, Adrian Ionel Haiduc, owner of the H'Art Design Ltd, spent eight months of work, using crystals, pearls, gemstones and beads, all strung on silk, to create a 1550.72 feet (472.66 meters) long earring which sets the world record for the Longest Earring, according to World Records Academy (
longest earing and model  Simona Trasca
Photo:Model Simona Trasca wearing the World's Longest Earring. All Photos: Mihai Toth

The Guinness world record for the most models modelling on a catwalk is 282 and was achieved by Have a Good Dream Co., Ltd and Thai Beverage Marketing Co., Ltd (both Thailand).

Guinness World Records also recognized the world record for the longest catwalk marathon lasted for 10 hours as part of the More magazine fashion awards 2005 (UK) at the Commonwealth Club, London.

"The Longest Earring in The World is made of crystals, pearls, gemstones and beads, all strung on silk, " said jewerly designer Adrian Haiduc.

"Besides its lenghts, the jewel proved to be usable. Being made of three strings, the earring could be this way adapted in such a way that the model who wore it successfully walked under its weight, without encoutering problems."
longest earing Adrian Haiduc

"One of the strings was knitted in hair, a second one had the role of a fancy necklaces, and the third was left to hang, like a respectable earring."

The official measurement of the total length of the lucky charm was made by engineer Ioja Mihai from the office of BRML in Timisoara, Romania.

Jewerly desgner Adrian Haiduc also own the world record for theHighest launch of a jewelery collectionand the world record for theLongest Lucky Charm.

This world record attempt was performed with the support of:
Ms. Simona Trasca- model,
Mrs Laura Elena Lita (,
Mrs. Antonela Rain make-up artist,
Ms. Camelia Leontina Talos hair stylist, Mr. Ioan Bodici hair stylist,
Ms Madalina Ciodaru P.R ,
Mr. Flaviu Roua- body painting and
Mr. Alin Farcut (Art Club 700).

The world record was sponsored by:
Nadlac City Hall;
Nicoleta Petrescu, owner of the;
Dana Diaconescu designer, owner of the Damacom ( H'art Design LTD (
Art Club 700 La Femme espace beaute.


Longest Lucky Charm: Mirela Harris and Adrian Haiduc sets world record

GLENDALE, AZ, USA -- American jewelry designer Mirela Harris and Romanian designer Adrian Haiduc have used
pearls, red coral, agate, jade, crystal, glass beads, seed beads, all laid on ostrich and peacock feathers to create a lucky charm measuring 1,918 feet - which sets the world record for the Longest Lucky Charm.

The World's Longest Lucky Charm is built on lace-sewn. It has on it mother of pearls, pearls, red coral, agate, jade, crystal, glass beads, jasper, shells, abalone shells, lampwork glass, all laid on ostrich and peacock feathers.

Jewerly desinger Adrian Haiduc says: "Our desire was to express in our creation the trends of the 1960's that are represented by the lace and the 1970's through the use of feathers.
"In my native country, March 1 is considered the spring coming holiday and the lucky charm is in itself, a good-luck charm which is offered to bring good luck. I wanted to combine the Romanian art and tradition in order to bring this tradition in my "adopted" country, the United States of America. "

Mirela Harris, the US designer involved into this record attempt, said: "Having left Romania for so many years, I always try to do something which bonds me with my family back home.

' For several years, at the begining of each spring, I am handcrafting these lucky charms which I offer to the Romanian community and to the new friends that I have here, in order to send them the joy of this Romanian celebration".
Photo:Model Alexandra Benta presenting the World's Longest Lucky Charm.

The world record was sponsored by Mr. Cristian Petrescu, owner of the

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